Mars Settlement - Project

Dr Kass has recently been appointed to join the board of advisors of Mars One, which is a not-for-profit organisation that will take humanity to Mars in 2025 to establish the foundation of a permanent outpost. Before the first crew lands, Mars One will have established a habitable, sustainable outpost designed to receive astronauts every two years.

To accomplish this unusual and pioneering endeavour, Mars One has developed a plan based entirely upon existing technologies, involving the integration of existing suppliers and experts in space exploration.

The Advisors are industry and scientific experts who bring real-world experience to Mars One. Their input and guidance are imperative to the short- and long-term success in establishing a settlement on Mars. Dr Kass will bring 30 years of rich experience in scientific, technical, operational, and psychological domains of human spaceflight to this pioneering project, whose realization could result in the historic first human settlement on another planet!

What are the qualifications to apply?

The following summarizes the key characteristics expected of a successful applicant. It must be underlined that these mainly human factors criteria are prerequisite, but not the sole criteria for selection. It goes without explicitly mentioning, that other important talents and qualifications (e.g. technical and scientific) will also play a paramount role in the selection process.

How will the astronaut selection proceed?

The astronaut selection will comprise four rounds of intense testing and real-life simulations; after each round, some candidates will remain, the group of candidates reducing in number until those selected for the first flights are identified. The application and selection process will comprise four rounds, as outlined on the Mars One website.