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Event: 26th September 2012, Noordwijk

On request by Mr Roger Jegou, head of ESA’s Standards & Engineering Knowledge Division, Dr Kass carried out debriefing sessions with staff of this division concerning the operation of the newly designed ESA Lessons Learned System (ELLS) (which he had earlier designed) as well as on the organisation of so-called Lessons Learned Events.

Event: 11th July 2012, Noordwijk

Mr Franco Ongaro, Director of the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) and Director of ESA’s Directorate of Technical & Quality Management, invited Dr Kass to present the ESA Lessons Learned System (ELLS) to him in order that he could assess how to move forward on this project.

Dr Kass has accepted the appointment as Associate Consultant for F Moser Consultants (fmc12), a company comprising the diverse but related skills of a group of experienced professionals, providing services in the domains of communication, management, and information technology. He will serve the company in the role of Interface Manager between fmc12 and the European Space Agency (ESA).