esa european space research and technology centre

Event: 24th June 2014, Noordwijk


Professor Dr Francesco Sacerdoti, CEO e‑voluzione srl, recently visited ESTEC where he met with representatives of several labs at ESA’s Directorate of Technical and Quality Management (TEC), and visited their space engineering labs after the meeting.

Tec lab visit

Participants pause for a picture in the Propulsion Lab. Left to right: Kathe Dannenmayer (Propulsion Lab), Michele Muschitiello (Radiation Lab), James Kass (J R Kass Space Consulting), Francesco Sacerdoti (e-voluzione), Narimane Guettache (Battery Testing Lab), Laurence Tu-Mai Levan (Materials Lab).

The meeting was organized by Dr Kass, expert agent for e-voluzione, in conjunction with Mr Joao Seixas of the TEC directorate. Dr Sacerdoti, who is a certified LabVIEW architect, presented his long experience in designing control and analysis interfaces based on LabVIEW for various enterprises within and outside the aerospace domain as well as for ESA.

Participating at the meeting were also representatives from ESA’s Directorate of Finance, Controlling and IT (FCI), including Mr Salim Ansari, Head of the Technical IT Services Section.

After fruitful discussions, Dr Sacerdoti was invited to visit the Battery Testing Lab, Materials Lab, Propulsion Lab, and Radiation Lab. All these labs utilize LabVIEW to control their instruments.