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Event: 3rd June 2015, Montreal


Dr Kass has been invited to conduct a session at Concordia Univesity’s Summer Research Institute 2015. The session will start with a talk open to the public, which will be followed by a more intimate interactive session with the students.

The Summer Research Institute is designed and delivered through the collaboration of the Concordia Institute of Aerospace Design and Innovation (CIADI), Space Concordia, the Concordia Center for Composites (CONCOM), the Department of Design and Computation Arts, the Department of Applied Human Sciences, and coordinated by the School of Graduate Studies. Academic staff from these departments, together with Dr Kass who is a special guest and former Adjunct Professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, will contribute to this 4-day institute.

In the public talk Dr Kass will recount episodes of his adventurous career in the domain of human spaceflight. He will recount what inspired him, how the university helped him take the first steps in those pioneering days when Jules Verne’s fiction became a reality, and how he to fulfilled his dream to work in this exciting domain.

He will take you into the first Spacelab missions with the Space Shuttle, and a mission with the Soyuz and MIR space station, for which he trained astronauts and cosmonauts to perform scientific experiments, as well as the work with the earlier Skylab astronauts.

The narrative covers as well challenging long-duration isolation missions, parabolic flight campaigns, and sensory perception experiments underwater.

Following the public session, he will conduct a more intimate session alone with the students, thus allowing further detailed discussion and Q&A.

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