The Human Mission

Event: 6th January 2015, Vaudreuil, Quebec


All classes were cancelled for the afternoon and pupils of 7th-11th grades in the small Quebec school near Montreal listened spell-bound to Dr Kass describing an exciting career in human spaceflight.

Faith Christian Academy

For almost two hours Dr Kass talked with 55 high-school pupils at Faith Christian Academy in Vaudreuil, Quebec, about the history of human spaceflight from the days of Yuri Gagarin, Apollo and Skylab, to the MIR station, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. He recounted his experiences and adventures during a long and interesting career in this domain. The enthusiasm at the small school in Quebec was demonstrated as one young pupil replied to Dr Kass’s question on what career she wished to pursue after school - “I want to be like you!”