After a successful opening of the Astronaut Selection Program, Mars One is now embarking on the second stage of finding the first humans to inhabit Mars -- setting up an independent selection committee. A call has been issued for the brightest minds with extensive experience in the field of human spaceflight to be part of the selection committee. They are looking for experts who possess the understanding of different cultures as well as many years of experience working with astronauts, extreme environments and isolated habitats.

The prerequisites for membership of this elite committee were put together by a team of key experts advising Mars One in this endeavour. The following requirements, posted on the Mars One website, were put together with the help of Dr Kass, whose long experience in the domain of human spaceflight and training of astronauts and cosmonauts since the early 1980s was of paramount value to the team.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Qualifications: MD, PhD or equivalent
  • Minimum of 15 years professional experience in the field of human spaceflight (Group dynamics/ Long-duration spaceflight/ Medicine/ Psychology/ Psycho-physiology) with Astronauts/ Astronaut candidates from different continents
  • Worked with active astronauts from different space agencies, and worked for different space agencies
  • Has peer reviewed publications in the field of human spaceflight (Long-duration spaceflight/ Group dynamics)
  • As Principal Investigator conducted experiments with isolation-chamber or equivalent

Preferred Requirements:

  • Has worked actively on the Human spaceflight requirements for the ISS or equivalent
  • Received an award from an aerospace association