Dr Kass recently accepted an appointment to join the board of advisers for the Mars One, which is a not-for-profit organisation whose plan is to take humanity to Mars in 2023, to establish the foundation of a permanent outpost. The Board of Advisers are made up of industry and scientific experts who bring real-world experience to Mars-One.

The input and guidance of the advisers are imperative to the short- and long-term success in establishing a settlement on Mars. Dr Kass will bring 30 years of rich experience in scientific, technical, operational, and psychological domains of human spaceflight to pioneering project whose realization could result in the historic first human settlement on another planet! This project is particularly unusual, because the members of each expedition team, who will be travelling to Mars every two years, are in fact on a one-way mission – in the first instance, there are no plans to bring them back to Earth. The crew selected from the host of volunteer candidates will have a deep sense of purpose and motivation, as well as resilience, adaptability, resourcefulness, creativity, and not least, ability to build and maintain healthy relationships and trust, in order to survive on such a venture.