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eurasia convention wuhan

Event: 20th November 2019, Wuhan


‘Harnessing space infrastructure to enable marketable innovative applications’ was the title of the invited presentation Dr Kass recently delivered at the 5th CCAF – China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum) in Wuhan, China.

Space Assets

Event: 14th February 2019, Amsterdam

Facilitated by the joint effort of this consultancy, F. Moser Consultants, and ESA’s Business Application Kickstart program, AWS will support Startups in Europe with a Startup AI challenge using space technologies.


Event: 10th December 2018, London


A workshop was held in London to discuss the challenges of human settlement on Mars, organized by Federico Caprotti of the University of Exeter. A dozen experts from Czechia, Netherlands, Canada, England, and USA, including Dr Kass, were invited to participate.

AI World Summit Amsterdam 2018

Event: 11th October 2018, Amsterdam

The widely renowned annual AI summit was held in Amsterdam 10th-11th October, bringing together some 6000 people from across the world. Co-founder and organizer of the summit, Mike Reiner, requested an interview with Dr Kass at this summit.


Event: 21st March 2018, Brussels


This consultancy has just successfully concluded a high-level study commissioned by the European Commission (EC) on the subject of facilitating collaborative work and enhancing management and sharing of knowledge at the EC. The findings, conclusions, and recommendations of this Knowledge Mgmt. study were presented to a cross-directorate audience at the EC in Brussels.

Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu National College

Event: 31st October / 1st November 2017, Romania


In connection with the Science Centre project proposed by the Buzau Rotary Club, Dr Kass was invited to deliver a series of inspirational lectures in Buzau Romania. The first lecture was at the renowned Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu National College, while the second was at Bioterra University.


Event: 1st April 2017, Brussels


This consultancy was recruited by the European Commission (EC) in Brussels to carry out a high-level study on the subject of facilitating collaborative work and enhancing management and sharing of knowledge at the EC.

mars one

Event: 3rd June 2016


At this year’s Mars One biennial event attended by the project’s advisers, ambassadors, sponsors, investors, and other stakeholders, Dr Kass, adviser for Mars One, was invited to give a keynote speech. His theme was about how his professional career transmogrified from Nuclear Physics and Neurophysiology to Human Spaceflight.

mars one

Book Release: 23rd February 2016, Dallas, Texas


Mars One: Humanity's Next Great Adventure’ published by BenBella, explores the various human dimensions of Mars One’s planned expeditions to Mars. Kass, who is contributing author as well as editor of this exciting tome, is also an advisor to the Mars One project.

Glen Hospital panorama

Event: 22nd December 2015, Montreal


Dr Kass was invited by the President and Executive Director of McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), Mr Normand Rinfret, on a tour of the MUHC’s newest and largest facility, the Glen site, which Mr Rinfret personally conducted. The MUHC is a teaching hospital and one of the largest medical institutions in Canada.


Event: 17th December 2015, Montreal


Bombardier Aerospace division in Montreal invited Dr Kass to address their C-Series team on the experiences gathered along a career of over 30 years in the domain of human spaceflight. Dr Kass talked about his exciting career and lessons learned in this challenging domain.


Event: 18th June 2015, Brussels


The European Commission (DG-GROW) held a high-level conference on the subject of giving a Second Chance to honest failed entrepreneurs, which is one of the priorities of the European policy for SMEs and entrepreneurship. A session on Entrepreneurship Education was moderated by James Kass.