James R Kass Space Consulting offers expert consulting in various space-related domains, as well as various more generic support services. The CEO and founder, Dr. James Kass, has more than 30 years experience in a broad assortment of domains and can thus offer multi-disciplinary system advice especially where a customer’s needs are best satisfied across disciplines, requiring a broad and holistic system approach to solving problems and creating appropriate solutions.

Dr Kass’ career and experience spans nuclear physics, neurophysiology, psychology, knowledge management, human spaceflight, satellite services, and ICT – bringing together a uniquely broad spectrum. Moreover, having lived in 6 countries across 3 continents, and having worked in various types of institutions, from academic, to industrial, as well as international agencies, he possesses a unique understanding of the needs of very different types and combinations of professional and multicultural groups, who often have to interact with each other.

Dr Kass works with a group of engineers covering software and ICT expertise, and is thus in a position not only to formulate the user requirements for the customers, but also to translate user needs to actual tools, including deploying, testing, hosting and maintaining them. He is thus in a good position to perform Gap Analysis on utilization of human resources, processes and applications.

He offers expertise on improving sharing of knowledge and lessons learned with an aim to improve the efficiency and motivation of the work force. In the international arena his expertise can be harnessed in areas of strategic policy, governance, effective aid and development.