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Delta-Utec is an innovative company involved in different space projects and in education programmes. It has been active in system engineering and management of various small satellite projects. It developed and qualified a tether deployment system and other space components and mechanisms. Delta-Utec has close cooperation with ESA-ESTEC, international universities and SME's in the aerospace domain. The company also provides consultancy in integrated applications (terrestrial services that benefit from satellites)

Dr Michiel Kruijff
Dr Michiel Kruijff - CEO, Delta-Utec

The company is also known for its development of Albatros, a complex and elegant project/ data management application, created for the purpose of running the YES2 space project that required the collaborative work of a large number of partners. More recently a collaborative effort with Xignum, a Polish company, provides a similar, but much more comprehensive, elegant and up-to-date solution for project, process and data management. Delta-Utec and Xignum are now working on an innovative browser-based upgrade that will additionally allow easy and elegant customization, as well as interfaces to existing tools; the goal is to develop an innovative all-in-one tool affordable particularly for SMEs in the aerospace domain.

The CEO of Delta-Utec is Dr Michiel Kruijff, who has some 20 years of aerospace R&D experience, and was also project leader for the YES2, Tether, and Albatros projects. Dr Kass brings more than 30 years of experience and expertise in space operations, knowledge- and project management, and user needs and requirements, to the company.