Claude Nicolier

Credit: Wikimedia-Commons

Professor Claude Nicolier, first astronaut from Switzerland, is a retired member of the first team of astronauts selected to join the European Space Agency Astronaut Corps. He has also been a commercial airlines pilot as well as a test pilot of the Swiss Air Force, a research scientist in the field of astronomy, and a university professor. Veteran of four space missions, including a space-walk, Claude started his astronaut career training as a candidate for the first Spacelab mission.

During this assignment he came to the Joh. Gutenberg University, Mainz, where he commenced training, under the leadership of Dr Kass, for a series of neuro-physiological experiments set to be flown on Spacelab.

Shortly afterwards he was reassigned to join NASA’s astronaut corps and train as a mission specialist. After many years living in the USA during his assignment with NASA, he returned to Switzerland where he lectured and now lives.